Cardiomtec Oy

Cardiomtec Oy is a Finnish company specialized developing applications for well-being technology. The strategy is to promote people's well-being and to improve quality of life, especially regarding cardiac issues. For this purpose, the company provides solutions to help early identification and prevention of diseases.

Our expertise is based on over 20 years of developing cardiac analyses and methods for medical devices, mainly using ECG.

Cardiac issues are the most significant problem from national health care point of view. Coronary arterial disease (CAD) alone kills one million people each year in Western Europe and North America alone. In Finland this number was 8,600 in 2019. CAD often progresses asymptomatically and consequently, the disease commonly is already in an advanced state when it becomes clinically manifest. Often first indication of the disease is sudden death.

The risk for CAD increases with age. In addition it is also modified by other factors such as family burden, other diseases like diabetes, etc.

For example, if considering alone those type 2 diabetics who do not have symptoms suggestive of the disease, as many as 20% of them suffers from tacit coronary artery disease without knowing. Diabetes overall is a massive and growing problem worldwide. At this point, 463 million people worldwide have diabetes. By 2045 the number is estimated to grow to 700 million.

Hence it would be important to identify the disease early enough especially with asymptomatic individuals in order to start treatment as early as possible.

Therefore it is clear that there is a need for a small and easy to use device that is also affordable and could be easily used at home. Device should provide information according to which the caregivers could identify if the patient has indications for CAD and should be ordered to more detailed diagnostic tests at the hospital.

Cardiomtec Oy has developed a device for this need. Device records data from individuals cardiac activity, that may indicate CAD. According to this data the individual can be ordered to more detailed diagnostic tests at the hospital. Device is intended to be used at home and it has a remote interface to the data. Cardiac activity data of the heart is measured using the ECG-signal. Device stores the data that may be indicative for cardiac issues. Later on doctor at the hospital can use a remote interface to access the data in order to observe it. This enables identification of the disease in early phase and allows to start treatment as early as possible. Therefore a device can also be considered as a device to support and to promote individuals well-being.

Cardiomtec products are intended to be used by seemingly healthy individuals likely to have increased risk for CAD, but not identified as cardiac patients. Devices can also be used by other individuals with lower risk for CAD. For example professional athletes or individuals like airline pilots having high responsibilities over others. Or anyone interested to maintain cardiac health and well-being, which is important as we age.

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